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The XLC helicopter is designed as a load-carrier and in addition to its 17kg airframe weight is capable of transporting a payload of up to 15 kg. The fuel tank capacity of around 9.5 liters is also large allowing extended flight times of up to 45 minutes. When fully fuelled and without any payload, flight time is approx. 45 minutes (consumption 200 ml/min). The more payload that is added, the shorter the flight time will be.  The low vibration levels of the 3-blade main rotor and turbine power system make the model an ideal platform for many kinds of applications. The tall landing gear provides generous space for external loads, and features suitable equipment attachment facilities. The main rotor is left hand rotation and depending on the application being used its rpm will be set to match the payload. This means that the flight characteristics stay mostly independent from the take-off weight.




Length: 2450 mm
Width: 700 mm
Height: 1000 mm
Rotor diameter: 2500 mm
Motor: Turbine (JetCat SPT5)
Fuel capacity: 9,5 l
Weight: 17 kg
Payload: 15 kg (incl. fuel)
The flight time is as usual in aviation dependant on the payload, the quantity of fuel and the application conditions; with the supplied fuel tanks flight times of up to one hour are possible.