VARIO•Cam & Carrier

Professional Flightcam Equipment

Vario Quad Copter

The world’s largest R/C Quad rotor helicopter capable of carrying professional cameras up to 4Kg. The Vario Quad-Copter gives a very stable platform for a camera installation. Vario Helicopter implements 3 accelerometers, 3 MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) gyros mixed with Kalman filters and utilize 2 CPU’s to stabilize the large Quad-Copter. Custom designed electronics allows parameters to be adjusted for all PID loops, Kalman filters and low pass filters for sensors, etc. The computers have a duty cycle of 3.5ms

The Quad-Copter also has a gyro stabilized camera mount; the stabilization system of the mount also utilizes 2 custom made computers:

  • 1st computer is for tilt. Includes G sensor and MEMS gyro. Very precise control of both low and high speed. Parameters for PID loops and Kalman filter can be adjusted.
  • 2nd computer is for roll and yaw. Includes 3 accelerometers, 3 gyros, and 3 magnetometers.

The camera is kept horizontal and tracks the azimuth position of the camera. Even if the Quad-Copter is rotated, the camera will remain in the same position.

The Quad-Copter Flyer


Length: 1400 mm
Width: 1400 mm
Height: 750 mm
Propellor diameter: 500 mm
Motor: 4 x electric motors
Battery capacity: 4x 6S or 8S LiPo batteries
Weight: 12 kg (without batteries)
Payload: 4 kg